Herbs & Spices

Beyond enhancing dishes & beverages with their rich flavors, some herbs & spices have other functions, such as improving overall health, and can also be used in the manufacturing of personal care products.

Inside Fridal's factories, all herbs & spices are produced at the highest level. The drying stages begin after harvesting plants, passing through sorting belts, cutting machines, stem extraction, and impurity separation machines. After a comprehensive drying process and careful sorting, each batch undergoes metal detection to ensure the maximum purity of the final product, all without direct human intervention. 

What sets Fridal apart is our dedication to quality, purity, and sustainability. We control every step of the production process, from cultivation to packaging. We carefully select the finest seeds and cultivate our herbs in nutrient-rich soil, free from chemicals. Our state-of-the-art facilities ensure that each plant is harvested at the peak of its potency and processed using advanced techniques to preserve its natural flavors and beneficial properties. We also committed to sustainable practices, minimizing waste and environmental impact throughout its operations.  Therefore, we have obtained a number of international certificates - in many fields -: - ISO 9001 certificate for quality management system. - ISO 45001 certificate for occupational safety and health instrument system. - ISO 14001 certificate for environmental management system. - BRCGS V9 certificate for quality & food safety management system. - Organic certificate for agriculture & crop conformity to organic farming. - SEMTA report on social responsibility, human rights, labor disputes, and occupational safety & health. - UEBT Biodiversity Certificate. - Rainforest Certification for Sustainable Farming.

Believing that the quality of our products should be available to the world at large, we have worked hard to meet the needs of our international customers by exporting our diverse range of herbs & spices abroad, ensuring that the products reach them at a high standard and in a way that gives them the confidence and satisfaction they deserve.